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Jaime Ramos is a highly-respected speaker, educator and topical expert with multi-faceted experience in the specific field of child trauma.

He is an advocate for children and adults with an extensive career in child protection, substance use support, mental health, youth justice, forensic disability support, residential care, foster care and other welfare settings. 

Jaime has a Bachelor of Social Work and he is a qualified Trainer of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Having completed Suicide Assist Training and Conflict Resolution Training, his specialties include working with children with challenging behaviours and childhood trauma, specifically understanding its impacts in childhood, through to adulthood.

Jaime is also Founder and Chairman of The Sixth Child charity, existing to help disadvantaged children by addressing their specific needs through targeted community projects. With their work spanning Australia and beyond, The Sixth Child provides urgent material aid, cultural and indigenous outreach, social justice advocacy and educational tools to facilitate long term change. 

“I myself have experienced childhood trauma. If I can assist another child, young person or adult to not experience some of the pain and sorrow that I have, that brings me joy. This is also part of my own healing process and journey.” Gaining a deeper understanding of childhood trauma really helped Jaime and he is passionate about educating others, so they too can understand their trauma, choose to respond in positive and proactive ways and bring better outcomes for themselves and those around them.

Jaime’s experience working in the industry gives him invaluable insight into the needs of his audience. “I seek to understand the needs of the audience and address their needs as much as possible. I build rapport through sharing real life experiences and engage the audience with the topic.” At times Jaime uses humour when appropriate, to engage in very difficult topics. He keeps the vibe captivating and energetic by being realistic and engaging. “I understand the topics I discuss can be triggering and I am empathic to those who might be triggered.”

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Jaime is based in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and travels the world to deliver his expert consulting services and perform charity work.

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