General information and FAQs

What is your service area and availability?

Jaime is based in south-east Melbourne, however he will travel Australia-wide and internationally. He is available for both daytime and evening sessions.

What topics do you cover?

Jaime will consult with you to provide a customised service in the appropriate format, with topical content that specifically suits your needs. Below are some of the topics covered in relation to child trauma.

  • Trauma indicators

  • Generational trauma and cultural implications

  • The power of relationships

  • The fundamental importance of feeling safe

  • Responding to trauma

  • Childhood brain development

  • Adaptive and maladaptive behaviours

  • Resilience

  • Language of love

  • Responding to difficult behaviours

  • Understanding behaviour as communication

  • Incentive programs

  • Understanding currency/motivation

  • Self care

  • Risk assessments

  • Win-win outcomes

  • Power of choice and empowerment

  • Understanding trauma in the context of systems

  • Culture of systems

  • My body is talking to me

Jaime also addresses many common questions he is asked about child trauma, such as:

  • Why do some people get traumatised when others do not?

  • How can I help a child who is traumatised?

  • How do I build trust with a child or adult who has suffered trauma or abuse?

  • Why do children and adults treat me so badly when I only treat them with kindness?

  • What is trauma?

  • What is generational trauma?

  • Why won’t they just talk to me about what is wrong?

  • Why won’t they listen?

  • Why can’t they just get over it and move on?

What room setup and equipment do you require?

Jaime will require a projector and screen. He will bring his own laptop and equipment for engaging the audience. Room setup is dependent on the service and delivery style. Seating with tables is preferred and works well in most settings (theatre style if it’s a larger group).

Jaime usually attends solo, however on occasion he may have an assistant, depending on the group size.

What should I prepare prior to our session?

Please prepare the equipment and room setup (see above, or as otherwise arranged with Jaime). The audience should be briefed and prepared that some of the topics raised may trigger them, or others. Post session readings are provided.

What are your rates and how is pricing structured?

Pricing varies per customised package, depending on your requirements. General information is included below.

  • Package rates exclude travel costs (travel costs interstate or overseas to be paid at time of booking).

  • Interactive consulting is priced at a set flat rate (regardless of audience numbers).

  • 50% deposit required at the time of booking. Full payment required within 7 days of invoice.

  • Full deposit fee and travel costs are forfeited upon cancellation prior to 14 days. Full fee payable if cancelled within 14 days of consultation.

  • Travel fees are non-refundable.

  • Engagement/booking confirmation is subject to signing Engagement and Acceptance of Terms.

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Jaime is based in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and travels the world to deliver his expert consulting services and perform charity work.

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