A variety of service formats are available and then customised to your organisational requirements, the audience and the setting.
  • Information Sessions: Informative presentations for staff groups, management or volunteers.
  • Conferences and Seminars: Conference speaking which can be overview or sub-topic specific, including optional event MC.
  • Training and Assessments: Delivery of training sessions and assessments to educate, test and build capacity within your organisation to deal with childhood trauma.
  • Professional Development Days: On or off-site professional development days for groups, customisable to your requirements.
  • Seminars and Webinars: Engaging, topical interactive information-sharing and discussion on the topic of childhood trauma. In person and online formats.
  • Organisational Learning Programs: Customised organisation-wide programs and coaching to change organisational or divisional capacity and culture in dealing with childhood trauma.
  • Site assessment and recommendations: Site visit, consultation and evaluation followed by training (where working with children).
  • Interactive consulting: Staff debriefs, group sessions, workshops and one-to-one sessions.
  • Strategy consulting: Consulting to develop a plan of strategic prioritised tasks that your organisation can implement to build capacity to support those struggling due to childhood trauma.
  • Podcasts and interviews: Media interviews, podcast guest, topic or subtopic-specific informative discussion and talks.
Delivery can be during the day or in the evenings. Options can include 2-hour, full-day, or week-long programs as well as ongoing reflective practice – depending on your requirements. Delivery is professional, safe and structured. Got a question? Read more at our FAQ’s page.

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